Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foster Railroad

It's been a while since I have posted. I've been busy with my "real" job and have been able to take in a few foster pets which tend to keep you busy. I'm off work this week and as I was cleaning the kitchen this morning and thinking about my new foster dog, it occurred to me that the people that take foster pets into their homes are like the underground railroad helping the animals to freedom and a better life.

A rescue will take my current foster, seen in the pic chillaxin' (he is really sleeping), but can't make room for him until after the Thanksgiving holiday. So I'm just a stop on the railroad for him until he can find his furever home. I pulled him early so he could get some good grub in him and to take a look at his injuries. He had abrasions to his back leg and was/is limping a little on his front leg. Plus I also did this to make more room in the inside portion of the shelter for the others still left at the shelter that aren't so lucky.

Jeff County AC has several indoor/outdoor kennels. When it is cold at night all the animals are coaxed into the inside portion of their runs and the guillotine doors are closed keeping them in the inside portion of their runs for the night. Although the building isn't that warm, it's better than being outside especially for the pitties and others with short one layer coats.

JCAC also has outside only runs outfitted with dog houses. When it gets really cold for significant periods of time they don't use them. Adel and the shelter workers give the dogs blankets when it starts getting cold.

JCAC could use more blankets. Although they have a modern front loading washing machine, it doesn't hold much. Adel said twin sized bedding seems to work the best in the washer. Larger donated blankets are also used, but they tend not to get washed and thrown into the dumpster after one use.

I haven't named the new foster dog. Any ideas? I'm bad at thinking up names. I was going to call him Buddy, but I have a Buffy and a Bubbles that I call Bubby and I thought that Buddy is to close to those names.