Rescued by Heartland Humane Society
Rescued by Five Acres Animal Shelter

We need funds to continue and expand our work at Jefferson County Animal Control. 


If you would like to donate by personal check, donations can be made to:

Animal Buddies of Missouri
P.O. Box 2112
Imperial, MO 63052

In 2014 we provided Feleuk/FIV tests when a rescue needed to test before they could pull cats.  We also regularly supply cardboard cat carriers for rescue transport.  We sprung a few of the doggies out of jail for owners on government assistance so they would not be euthanized.  

For 2015 we would like to increase our assistance to the shelter by:

  • Supplying medical supplies/treatments that their budget may not allow;  and 
  • Educating Jefferson County residents on the locations of their local shelters by disseminating throughout the county business cards, flyers, ads in the paper and yard signs either listing the locations or where to find a list.  We currently have a few volunteers that put up cat/dog specific signs in the areas where an animal was picked up in hopes that their owner will see it and retrieve their pet from JCAC.  We would like to expand that program.
  • We would like to target some of the problem areas where many of the roaming cats are picked up.  These are usually trailer parks and other types of inexpensive housing.  We would like to work with property managers and provide educational materials to the residents about pet ownership and low cost spay/neuter programs in the area.

Thank you.