Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Times Benefitting the Animals

It occurred to me that almost every weekend there is a benefit to raise funds for one of the local animal rescues. You could attend a play, concert, trivia night, art show, Texas holdem tournament, bowling and all kinds of other fun things!

If you're going to spend money going out anyway, why not help rescue animals at the same time by attending fun fundraising events. Plus you'll know you're in the company of like minded people!

Wouldn't it be great if all the events were listed in one place? STL animal lovers' social calendars could easily be full.

I've populated Shelter Buddies' calendar with some of the events I've noticed on Facebook. You can see a summary of it at the bottom of this page or see the calendar at:
If your organization or one of your volunteers has an online calendar - probably attached to an e-mail account, you can e-mail a calendar generated invitation to our calendar. Send invitations generated by your online calendar to It would be great if you would put the name of the rescue the event benefits first with a dash and then the name of the event for the title of the event, i.e. XYZ Rescue - Trivia Night. A link to your web page with more details about the event would also be helpful.

Let's help raise funds for the animals! Please pass the word around about our fund raising calendar.